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Cowell Engineering - Leading the Way

Cowell Engineering was formed in 1969 by Ray Cowell who pioneered the manufacture of the very first concrete saw of its’ type in Australia. With the successful introduction of the concrete saw came a need for other equipment to assist the construction industry, such as Brick Saws. Continuing their pioneering approach, Cowell Engineering manufactured its first Brick Saw in 1972.  

Initially the company was a manufacturer for Clipper, a popular name in the Diamond Tool and Brick Saw industry at the time. This relationship lasted for a period of 18 years until the two companies parted in 1988.  

Cowell Engineering then expanded in other directions, and - as well as the manufacture of Brick Saws, Block Saws, Core Saws and Concrete Saws – became a trade wholesaler of this equipment and accessories. Service and repairs of all brands of this type of equipment are undertaken within the factory based in Sydney, NSW.  

In 1997, David Cowell became the Director of Cowell Engineering and since this time the company has manufactured and sold over 1,200 Brick Saws. 

Cowell Engineering has also expanded into the supply of allied products such as diamond blades and cement mixers and has successfully completed various other specialised projects. Some of these projects include:

  • Manufacture of firearms safes
  • Manufacture and supply of fire escape stairs to supermarkets
  • Maintenance programs for private schools
  • Preferred supplier to the Sydney Olympic site. (Cowell Engineering’s machines were used to cut all materials used at the Homebush Bay site and they manufactured approximately 40 bins which were used to transport concrete, sand and water around the site.)
  • Manufacture and supply of U-Bolts for the roof super-structure of the Sydney Opera House
  • Supply of tool kits to the Gas industry and Government bodies 

Cowell Engineering is highly experienced and successful in the manufacture, sales and service of premium quality equipment to construction and general industries and is committed to servicing their needs into the future.  

Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information on the products and services Cowell Engineering can offer.

David Cowell
Director -
Cowell Engineering Manufacturers & suppliers of Brick, Block & Concrete Saw, Diamond Blades and General & Specialised Engineering products to Construction & General industries.