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14" Brick Saw - Standard and Long-Bed Configuration

Cowell Engineering manufactures, supplies and services a range of equipment suited to the construction and mining industries. We have listed a few of our key products on the right hand side of this page, however if you can't see what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



  • Fabricated construction designed specifically to be rigid and lightweight.
  • Tray heavily cross-braced to prevent twisting and maintain square cutting.
  • Cutting head set on sealed pivot bearings and can be locked at any height or left free.


  • Purpose built Australian C.M.G. 2.3 HP Electric or 5 HP Robin Petrol.
  • Dual belt drive transmits power to blade shaft through fully maintained pulleys.

Blade Shaft Bearings & Flanges

  • Adequately dimensioned blade shaft with widely spaced bearings, Neoprene sealed for rigidity, long life and accuracy.
  • Flanges precision machined for absolute true running.

Blade Guard

  • Fabricated for strength and safety to accommodate 14" diameter blade with water supply tubes and reliable water shut-off ball valve.

Brick Carriage

  • Strongly constructed with fluted rubber top for safety.
  • Sealed ball bearing wheels, machined from steel for smooth operation.

Folding Stand

  • Complete with foot pedal for greater convenience of operation.
  • Lightweight and folds totally flat for space saving transport when not in use.

Choice of Machines

  • Standard machine with 230mm Brick Carriage, or
  • Long Bed machine with 400mm Brick Carriage

Optional Equipment

  • Mobile Stand (Wheels and handles)
  • Water Recirculating Pump
  • Vee Core Holder (for the mining industry)

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your specific requirements.

Product List

 14" Brick Saw
 14" Heavy Duty Core Saw
 20" Portable Block Saw
 20" Floor Standing Block Saw